PETAL, a wall luminaire with an elegant shape and clean lines. It decorates every surface where it is installed with freedom and imagination as if it were a real garden. Its material surface makes it alive and lively like a flower petal moved by the wind and gives dynamism and refinement to every environment in which located.

Light Source
  • 16": LED 15W, 1410LM, 3000K + LED STAR 1W, 120LM, 3000K
  • 24": LED 22W, 2220LM, 3000K + LED STAR 1W, 120LM, 3000K
  • Pickled Iron (external structure) + Antiqued steel (internal part)
  • Burnished Brass (external structure) + Antiqued Gold (internal part)
  • Metal
  • CE, IP20
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Designer Product
  • Handmade in Italy