A unique and vigorous line countersigns the forms of PARAMOUNT that deliberately runs away the search of the decorative variety giving various theoretical possibilities of combinations at the same time. The choice to use less material possible mirrors, in fact, the idea that what immediately is comprehensible is immediate and more reasonable. Essential.

Light Source (bulbs included)
  • Versions S, M, L: 2x Max 8W E26 Filament vintage
  • Versions DOUBLE S, DOUBLE L1, DOUBLE L2: 4x Max 8W E26 Filament vintage
  • TRIPLE: 6x Max 8W E26 Filament vintage
Luminaire version (Details on last 5 pictures)
  • Single luminaire: S, M, L
  • Double luminaire: DOUBLE S, DOUBLE L1, DOUBLE L2
  • Triple luminaire: TRIPLE
Luminaire Combination
  • Double S: combination of (S + M)
  • Double L1: combination of (S + L)
  • Double L2: combination of (M + L)
  • Triple: combination of (S + M + L)
  • Multiple: track combination of S, M, L up to 4 in-line or 6 parallel elements (only per request)
  • Matt Black (main structure) + Burnished Brass details
  • Burnished Brass (main structure) + Matt Black details
  • Metal
  • CE, IP20
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Designer Product
  • Handmade in Italy