META has few marks, clean lines, an elementary structure: a circular disc, a ring, a cylinder, all gathered together by a tube-shaped arm that is bent to a right angle. META captures the essential nature of Scandinavian design and adds a contemporary touch by using the latest LED technology.

Luminaire version
  • Version A: 1 light disc
  • Version B: 3 light discs
Light Source
  • Version A: LED 1x 19W, 120V, 2450LM, 3000K
  • Version B: LED 3x 12W, 120V, 5100LM, 3000K
Color (only matt finish)
  • Jet Black
  • Pure White
  • Ocean Blue (See color chart)
  • Sahara (See color chart)
  • Brass (only Version A)
  • Black PVC - 59" (1.5 m)
  • Version A: Iron, Aluminum, Brass
  • Version B: Iron, Aluminum
  • CE
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Designer Product
  • Handmade in Italy