A large circle of light, a pure and minimal shape guarded by the delicate embrace of the two rings that encircle it. LOOLA is suitable for any type of environment and is available for the pendant, ceiling flush, or wall sconce.

Light Source
  • LED 31.5W, 120V, 4000LM, 3000K
  • LED 31.5W, 120V, 4280LM, 4000K
CCT (Color Temperature) Options:
  • 3000K: Yellow LED light
  • 4000K: White LED light
Color (only matt finish)
  • Jet Black
  • Pure White
  • Beige Grey
  • Iron Blue (See color chart)
  • Brass
  • Note: The interior of the luminaire is only available in a white painted color
  • Iron
  • Plexiglass
  • Brass
  • CE
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Designers Product
  • Handmade in Italy