The second chapter of Gong's story is about a trail of small lanterns that hosts and multiplies light. With the Mini version, the Gong collection develops further and offers new possibilities to resolve multiple spatial lighting scenarios, creating fluid and elegant movements. In addition to the classic single-suspended lamp, it is possible to create various radial, linear, or cascade installations. It was designed for customized solutions and it is ideal for high ceilings or those that have many different levels. GONG MINI keeps a well-defined and recognizable identity in every composition.

Light Source
  • S1: LED 4.2W, 300LM, 2700K
  • S1L: LED 4.2W, 300LM, 2700K
  • 3R-3S: 3x LED 4.2W, 900LM, 2700K
  • 5R-5S: 5x LED 4.2W, 1500 LM, 2700K
  • 7R-7S: 7x LED 4.2W, 2100LM, 2700K
  • 9R-9S: 9x LED 4.2W, 2700LM, 2700K
Luminaire version (Details on last 2 pictures)
  • Single: S1, S1L
  • Round ceiling rose combination: 3R, 5R, 7R, 9R
  • Squared ceiling rose combination: 3S, 5S, 7S, 9S
  • White
  • Black metalized
  • Silver metalized
  • Copper metalized
  • Glory Rose metalized
  • Gold Leaf
    • Glossy Glass
    • UL, CE, IP20
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    • Sergio Prandina
    • Handmade in Italy