COUTURE, a small discrete, and refined table lamp with a shade that is simply buttoned to its curved Brass stem. Its ever-changing profile and classic elegance make it a stylish piece for interiors.

Light Source
  • 1x E14, Max 40W (bulb not included)
  • Satin Brass
  • Satin Graphite
  • Satin Nickel (See color chart)
  • Satin Copper (See color chart)
  • Polished Brass
  • Polished Graphite
  • Polished Nickel (See color chart)
  • Polished Copper (See color chart)
Lampshade color (See color chart)
  • Drop Paper 100 (White)
  • Drop Paper 103 (Grey)
  • Black textile color - 79" (2.0 m)
  • Solid Brass
  • Lampshade Drop Paper
PDF download Designer Product
  • Handmade in France