CHAN, a stunning story to tell everyone about, but one which leaves you speechless when you experience it yourself. It all happens in the first encounter, in that exact moment when the elegance of lightness takes over and the magic begins; when its metal structure accompanies its light source, at an angle between 90° and 180°, and a white glass generously diffuses the light among its transparent cables and the grandeur of its complex composition. A product to try out firsthand.

Light Source
  • AT6: 6x LED 4.2W, 1800LM, 2700K
  • BT6: 6x LED 4.2W, 1800LM, 2700K
  • AT6+AT3+T1: 10x LED 4.2W, 3000LM, 2700K
  • BT6+AT3+T1:  10LED 4.2W, 3000LM, 2700K
  • BT6+BT3+T1: 10LED 4.2W, 3000LM, 2700K
  • AT9: 9x LED 4.2W, 2700LM, 2700K
  • BT9: 9x LED 4.2W, 2700LM, 2700K
  • AT9+AT3+T1: 13x LED 4.2W, 3900LM, 2700K
  • BT9+AT3+T1: 13x LED 4.2W, 3900LM, 2700K
  • BT9+BT3+T1: 13x LED 4.2W, 3900LM, 2700
Luminaire version (Details on last 4 pictures)
  • AT: linear 180° stem to LED
  • BT: 90° angle stem to LED
  • White painted
  • Brass galvanized
    • Painted / Galvanized steel
    • CE, IP20
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    • Sergio Prandina
    • Handmade in Italy