Versatility is MINT's peculiarity. MINT can be mounted on a ceiling or wall. As in all stories, often only one detail can change the pace, and in this case, the spark is definitely light. In fact, this luminaire comes with three different light sources to illuminate every space and create an effect that is anything but dull. This is because it combines an external diffuser in white opal glass and an internal one in white polyethylene. Nothing is obvious and should be discovered page after page.

Light Source
  • W3: LED 14.2W, 2485LM, 3000K
  • W4: LED 16W, 2984LM, 3000K
  • W5: LED 23.6W, 4476LM, 3000K
  • Inner: White roto-molded Polyethylene
  • Outer: Satin opal White Glass
    • Glass
    • Polyethylene
    • CE, IP20
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    • Prandina
    • Handmade in Italy