Olga Engel is a successful Russian product and interior designer who harmoniously mixes luxury with minimalism, functionality, and ergonomics with a light mood and a touch of irony. Her projects are always filled with objects by her own design. Olga`s design is always a personal story, that involves unique charisma and charm for each and every object and space itself. She pays special attention to the proportions and harmony, to the quality and philosophy. As the designer says: “I put a sign of equality between the words “beauty” and “harmony”. An object can only be beautiful if it was filled with content, and expresses a strong idea or an emotion».
Olga graduated from the Moscow Textile Academy, one of the best design universities in Russia. After studying, she practiced graphic design and design of packaging for cosmetic products. She was designing bottles, cases, and developed branding for the companies. In 2010 Olga received an interior designer diploma in the Moscow design school “Details” and continued her studies at KLC School of Design in London, where she got an internship with the famous British designer Mark Humphrey. In the design studio of Mark Humphrey, Olga has gained experience as a product designer.