NOTA is an arc of light that thanks to the high-quality LEDs creates the lighting effects to the walls with a soft but powerful light. Available in different sizes, it can be used single or in groups, in order to create incredible light games. NOTA is suitable to create great atmospheres.

Light Source 
  • 39.4":
    • LED 1x 16W, 24VDC, 1500LM, 2700K/3000K, 80CRI
    • LED 1x 16W, 24VDC, 1800LM, 4000K, 80CRI 
  • 59.1":
    • LED 1x 28W, 24VDC, 2250LM, 2700K/3000K, 80CRI
    • LED 1x 28W, 24VDC, 2700LM, 4000K, 80CRI 
  • 78.8":
    • LED 1x 36W, 24VDC, 3000LM, 2700K/3000K, 80CRI
    • LED 1x 36W, 24VDC, 3600LM, 4000K, 80CRI 
  • DALI dimming is available on request (Commercial application)
    Color (only matt finish) 
    • Jet black
    • Pure white
    • Arctic green
    • Iron
    • Aluminum
    • H 39.4" / H 100 cm
    • H 59.1" / H 150 cm
    • H 78.8" / H 200 cm
    • CE
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